It's all about people

Dynamics AX business software coexists with other software as well as human. You might need a consultant but you might also need a qualified opponent.



At Pingala we have a broad understanding from idea to implementation as well as profound knowledge of all  practical and theoretical aspects related to IT projects.

Pingala is certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX.


We are specialists in process improvement and we work at several levels from consultancy to optimization. We have great experience in all AX modules as well as we are experts in solutions for manufacturing companies.


Pingala's Specialities:


√ MRP / Manufacturing, including Shop Floor Control, material management as well as manufacturing planning and forecasting.


√ Inventory management and logistics including batch og serial number management, pick (and pack?) processes, Inventory II as well as integration with warehouse automation, handheld scanners etc.


We are certified for Inventory II

√ Forecasting / capacity planning (Master Scheduling)


√ Cost allocation and recalculation of cost price.


√ Management, storage and cost price determination of excess raw material and remnants.


√ Integration of software and modules into AX.


√ Enterprise Portal and workflow.

We provide the following services:

 * Preparation of documentation for the developed code, agreed user procedures as well as user manuals.

* Code development, mainly for Microsoft Dynamics AX, but also development of other code supporting the ERP system.

* Support for your internal development team by giving good advice, helping developing code, carrying out tests as well as checking code.

* Installation and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft SQL-database.

*User support including information on changes in functions or new functionalities.

* Sale of software licenses for Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as related modules.

* Consultancy services related to usage and development.

* Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrades, such as application version upgrades, hot-fixes, kernel upgrades or service packs.

* Upgrades for Microsoft SQL Database.

* Functional design descriptions for Microsoft Dynamics AX changes, such as minor changes or complete modules.

* Payroll handling. Lessor Payroll is an integrated solution and provides a direct connection between the payroll system and the accounting software.



Pingala is LESSOR partner and our consultants can help adapt your payroll system to suit your needs.


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