Pingala has assisted with the development of Berendsen's Shop Floor Control.



A High-Technology Textile Service Business

Berendsen Textile Service invites us in to hear if Pingala would be an alternative to a supplier which whom they were not completely satisfied. There requirements were easy to understand. We should be experts in production, such as shop floor control, and should be able to make interests and reminders work as well as get the monthly invoicing process work well.

In addition, the requirement was that we had to work with integration to their highly specialized laundry service system outside Axapta, and be able to get acquainted with the many adjustments that had been made ​​in the code.

Today, Berendsen Textile Service can look back at a time when there was a clean up, the code works, the monthly billing procedure was reduced to one day instead of three, the cost of maintaining the Axapta was reduced by more than 50 percent and confidence in us as ERP provider offers a free and spontaneous communication.

The next phase we are facing is the transition to Dynamics AX 2012, where part of the exercise is to return to the default code instead of adjustments, and we look unabashedly forward to the challenge.













"We needed the best Axapta consultants in the market. Pingala's strengths are their development competencies as well as their business understanding. We really get value for money. "  


Klaus Nissen, IT Manager