Pingala Remnants

Pingala Remnants makes it easy to manage sheets, pipes and other remnants. Pingala Remnants secures a correct allocation of the project costs.

Add-on for the management of remnants and scraps from metal sheets, tubes, etc.

In manufacturing processes using sheets as raw material the necessary parts will be carved out of a larger sheet. This raises the questions how to handle the remnants in the ERP system.



The possible challenges in the management of remnants are the following:

  • Remnants are not registered anywhere and you lose track of them.
  • The production cost gets higher due to the consumption of a big sheet even though only a piece of the sheet is actually used.
  • Remnants are chosen at random in the warehouse to keep the production going.
  • To be able to distinguish between remnants and complete sheets these do not have the same item/ id numbers in the system. However, the disadvantage is that you lose track of the relationship between the complete sheet and the remnants of it.
  • Remnants are sold as bulk scrap.
  • The price of metal is high and you look for cost savings.

We solved the above challenges through the development of Pingala Remnants. The system gives you an overview of the remnants, and you can see exactly where they are. In addition, you save material because you can track and use the remnants.

Customer Experience

Niro A/S is a global manufacturer of large freeze drying plants for the dairy sector.

Pingala Remnants helped Niro register and keep track of the metal remnants in Dynamics AX.

Due to the system, Niro minimized the time spent on tracking the remnants in the warehouse and reduced the number of metal sheets consumed, thus saving material costs.

Furthermore, Niro can now allocate the material costs of each project correctly allowing for a more accurate profit calculation.


  • Reports remnants back in Dynamics AX as a daily procedure.
  • Keeps track of sheet remnants including their sizes and their position in the warehouse.
  • Makes it easy to find sheets for other productions
  • Secures a correct allocation of production costs, resulting in a more accurate profit calculation.
  • Saves material costs due to the optimum use of sheet remnants.



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