Infrastructure Services

How to?

√ Our consultants organizes a workshop with your relevant IT infrastructure resources.
√ The consultants examines your present setup, your wishes and thoughts short/long term, making sure to unveil what's possible and economical viable.
√ You have the possibility to specify concrete challenges and problems, which you want to be within the consultants areas of examination.
√ Furthermore we conduct a run through of the specific servers setup, both on hardware, operating system and applications, plus we start measurement on a large amount of specific measurement areas/targets through-out the entire IT infrastructure stack, which then runs for a suitable time period collecting data. 


What's your gain?

√ With our concrete proposal for infrastructure optimization, you will get a prioritized list of areas for optimization and an overview of your own need for implementation resources. We are of course ready to proceed further and estimate the implementation and realization of the various optimizations proposals if  needed.
√ The prioritized list of task is categorized into 3 divisions, 1st division is tasks you can conduct yourselves, 2nd divisions is what you can conduct yourselves with our assistance and 3rd divisions is what we recommend that we conduct.


Target areas of expertise within our Infrastructure Services


Microsoft Infrastructure Services:

  • • Architect
  • • Team leader
  • • Project Manager
  • • Installation
  • • Implementation
  • • Root Cause Analysis
  • • 24H Critical situation handling


Special focus areas:

  • • Dynamics AX platform design and tuning
  • • High performance
  • • Low Latency
  • • Kerberos
  • • Scalability (scale-up & scale-out)
  • • Consolidation (especially SQL Server)
  • • High-Availability
  • • VLDB
  • • Data Warehouse platforms
  • • BI platforms
  • • High Performance Computing clusters
  • • Big Data platforms & architecture, especially:

-Hadoop eco-system and design

-Vendor positioning

-Enterprise readiness

-Interconnect sizing

-Compute node vendors & sizing