Whenever I setup Cues for customers in AX 2012 I use dynamic filtering to create actionable cues representing relevant data. I do tend to forget the precise name of the methods and number of parenthesis etc. so here is the full list of end-user available methods based on the SysQueryRangeUtil class:



Used how



(dayRange(-1,2)) gives a query result of all records from yesterday until the day after tomorrow.

Note that it is unfortunately not possible to use decimals, only full days work.

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(day(-1)) gives all records of yesterday, (day(1)) gives records of tomorrow.

Remember that options such as <(day(-1)) works for identifying for example any date before yesterday

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(monthRange(-1,0)) last month and this month

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(yearRange(-1,0)) last year and this year

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(lessThanDate(-1)) (calculated from the AX session date)


The date represented on the AOS


Calculates from "Now"

Notice this one uses < (less than) meaning that it looks at dates smaller than the number indicates. A value of (lessthandate(1)) is actually "less than tomorrow" ie. all dates from today and backwards

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greaterThanDate(5)) (calculated from the AX session date)


The date represented on the AOS)


Calculates from "Now"

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Take the user id and filter on for example "created by"

Good for making a generic query relevant for many users

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A somewhat advanced option but nice for filtering on records where you have assigned for example a sales responsible.

Note that the value returned is a record ID

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Similar to the currentWorker but could potentially be used if the user was something other than a Worker.

Note the returned value is a record id.

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For filtering on "system" tables such as the worker table

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Remember also the ability to compare two fields on the same table using the AOT names within a set of parenthesis. The system names can be found on the personalization screen:


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  by: David Probst, Senior AX consultant